Barefoot parikramā of Govardhana is superior to wearing shoes?

Sometimes devotees think that barefoot parikramā of Govardhana is superior to wearing shoes, or that walking is superior to taking a vehicle. One should not consider one type of parikramā as superior to another.   Srila Jiva Goswami says in the Gopāla-campū (Pūrva, 15): nātrāpy aṅghri-krāmitāvaśyakatvaṁ svacchandatvād yānam apy atra diṣṭam “It … Read More

Answering the question, why a lady devotee should tie her hair.

The Krishna consciousness movement represents a milenary culture. During the time, numerous cultural aspects have been forming. Some of them are primary, some other are secondary. It’d interesting to understand which one is part of a category and which one is in the other.   Women keep their hair loose and nicely … Read More

Take your life in your hands

Excerpts from a private email … Now I know a little more about you, but still I can’t address your situation with precision. There is a lot you learn by meeting the person. So I’ll say something based on what I know of you.   Your inner state is not rare, at … Read More

The destiny of someone who abandons his spiritual master – and reinitiating

Question Maharaja, could you please clarify few extra points: what are the ramifications for someone, who abandons his or her Guru in good standing and gets reinitiated by someone else? (For example I heard, that a devotee who abandones his Guru is going to take birth as a worm in his next … Read More

Various questions on initiation

  Questions Hare Krishna, Maharaja! Please except my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Could you please give an answer to the following question, or rather a few related questions? These questions came up on Russian devotees forum. 1. Is reinitiation acceptable? If so, in what circumstances. 2. Is there such … Read More

A devotee should give up enthusiasm for big endeavors

A devotee should give up enthusiasm for big endeavors in three situations. If the person has no funds in the beginning, he should not attempt the work. If his life is nearly finished, he should not start a big project. And if the work requires a lot of manpower and he has … Read More

Demons are guilty?

Today I was walking and thinking how to answer your question. I saw a really dirty stinking bum in the street and then it came to my mind how to answer. I imagined to take that person in a place to take a bath, shave his hairs, take a course on good … Read More

Gahvaravana (Varsana)

  Gahvara means “deep”, “dense”, “inaccessible” and “secret”. True to its name, this place is a dense forest thick with trees, creepers, groves (keli-kunjas) and Priya-Priyatama’s sweet and intimate pastimes. It is shaped like a conch. Situated here is a sitting-place (baithaka) of Vallabhacarya, where he recited Srimad-Bhagavatam, Radha-sarovara and a rasa-mandala. … Read More

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