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Since 17th June, devotees at ISKCON Mayapur are sincerely observing the Purusottama month. Daily ghee lamps are being distributed for free in the Temple hall. Devotees offer these lamps to all the Deities singing melodious Hare Krishna kirtan and bhajans like ‘Jay Radhe Jay Krishna Jay Vrindavan’. Some devotees take daily bath in the Ganges, chant more rounds of Hare Krishna mantra and keep eating simple. There is daily recitation of the mantras:


govardhana dharam vande, gopalam gopa rupinam /
gokulutsava me isanam, govindam gopika priyam

“I worship the lifter of Govardhana Hill, Who has the beautiful form of a cowherd boy, and who continually plays with the gopas. He is the Lord of Gokula wherein everyday is a festival.”

vande navaghana-syam dvibhujam murlidharam
pitambardharam devam saradham purusottamam

“I offer my obeisances to Navaganasyam (Krsna, who has the color of a fresh rain cloud), who is holding the flute with His two hands. I worship Purusottama who is so beautiful in His yellow dress (pitambhara).”


A large number of devotees from around the world are sponsoring offerings of ghee lamps, lotuses, fruits and Tulasi to Their Lordships. These offerings can be prominently seen at the lotus feet of Lord Madhava and Lord Nrsimhadeva’s sila. Please view the pictures of Their Lordships with these offerings in the gallery at top of the page.

To know about the importance of Purusottama month and how to observe it, please read:


To offer sevas to Sri Radha Madhav, Lord Nrsimhadev, cows, Mother Ganges or vaisnavas, please visit:


We hope and pray that Sri Sri Panca Tattva, Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Lord Nrsimhadeva and Srila Prabhupada are pleased with our humble devotional attempts during this most auspicious Purusottama month.



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