Explanation of the Guru Daksina article

Ayoda-dhaumya had three disciples, Upamanyu, Aruni and Veda. The revered spiritual master used to often treat his disciples quite harshly. When Veda had his own disciples, he did not want to do the same with them and he behaved like a loving teacher. One of his students was Uttanka. When his period … Read More

Uddhava Kyari (Nanda Grama)

  Uddhava Kyari (Udho-kriya-sthana)   The word ‘kyari’ means a ‘garden’ that is being systematically cultivated and also regularly watered. This particular garden was situated within the kunja or forest grove of kadamba trees belonging to Vishakha-sakhi, whose kunda is also nearby.   When Krishna left Vrindavana, all the residents especially the … Read More

Karma Yoga, the science of action

Question and answer. Summary of a more elaborate answer.   Karma (action) is a fundamental part of our existence and Karma yoga is a branch of Bhakti Yoga.  The spiritual soul is active by nature, it cannot stop doing something even for a moment. na hi kaścit kṣaṇam api jātu tiṣṭhaty akarma-kṛt kāryate … Read More

Vimala Kunda (Kamyavana)

First story There is a story related in the Puranas regarding the appearance of Vimala-kunda. Once during caturmasya, all the sacred tirthas visited Kamyavana to pay their homage to Krishna, but the sacred lake Pushkara Tirtharaja failed to come. Therefore, in order to compensate for Pushkara Tirtha’s failure to appear, Krishna caused … Read More

Cuanto más uno sabe más comprende cuánto hay que saber

Querido Devananda, Por favor reciba mis bendiciones. Todas las glorias sean para Srila Prabhupada.   Gracias para su carta. Siempre me hace placer de recibir noticias de mi discipulos, y obviamente de todos los devotos.   Cuanto más uno sabe más comprende cuánto hay que saber. Y entonces él piensa que es … Read More

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