You Come From the Spiritual World

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Extract from a private email

You come from the spiritual world but at a certain point in time you decided to leave and try an adventure in another world, where you may have the illusion of being happy without God, that we call Krishna.

It might have taken many years, maybe even millions of years, going through many types of bodies, but at the end you have come to understand that this is all a phantasmagoria, it is false, you can’t be happy here. And happiness is something you, and all of us, desperately need, like how much a fish needs water and a bird air.

When we develop a sincere desire to know the answers to our many questions then Krishna, who is present within our heart and sees our desire, gives us an opportunity.

What we do with this opportunity is up to us.


What do you want from your life? If you still want material objects then you’ll continue to suffer and this opportunity may slip away, at least for this lifetime.

It is entirely on you.

You may ask Krishna for enthusiasm and He may or may not help, but the initial push has to come from you. It is not something that comes from the outside. He has already given you plenty of reasons and tools with which to be enthusiastic. He has given us the Maha-mantra, the books, the devotees, the Guru, the temples, the prasadam, Vrindavana, the Deities, so many things.

This is more than enough cause for anyone to be overly enthusiastic.

If you don’t grasp this opportunity, it will be necessary for some more time to pass before you come to the point of wishing to embrace Krishna consciousness in its entirety. But you’ll get there. There is no doubt about that.


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