The bombs of Sri Lanka and the Vedic warriors

Question Haribol, Guru Maharaja, grant me your blessings and be at your lotus feet, Maharaja, reading the meaning of verse 31 of chapter 2 of the Bhagavata Gita, says that “sometimes religious violence is a necessary factor” With this point it would not be to validate what happened today in Sri Lanka … Read More


Todas mis clases en formato audio (cientos de ellas en varios idiomas), estan en el Isvara Archive (, juntos a mas de 150,000 otros documentos escrito, audio y video. Todo lo que Srila Prabhupada escrivio, todas su clase grabada y videos estan alla.   Todos los saben y para mi es un … Read More

Answers to some questions: a brief outline of how to act.

Answers to some questions:   – It is not true that we must be detached from acting. On the contrary, we must act because it is the nature of the soul. – It is not true that we must be detached from producing good results from our actions. On the contrary we … Read More

Chira Ghata, where Krishna stole the Gopi’s garments (not the one in Vrindavana)

Chira Ghata (Siyaro or Siyaraha) This is the celebrated ghata where Krishna stole the clothing of the gopis. The word ‘chira’ means ‘clothing’. After following the Katyayani vrata for one month by undergoing austerities at Tapovana, the gopis came here on the final day of the vrata to make a clay image … Read More

Observar el día de la partida de Jesu Cristo.

Pregunta Haribol, Guru Maharaja, ortorgeme su bendición, Maharaja quiero hacer una pregunta, Srila Prabhupada comentaba de que el Señor Jesucristo es también nuestro Guru, en tal sentido, como mañana se conmemora su desaparición debemos hacer ayuno parcial, hasta las puesta del sol? O solo como Ekadashi? Podría usted arrojarme luz con ese … Read More

How to transcend this material world

Question Hare Krishna Devot @ s !! Accept my respectful obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada !! Accept my most repeated obeisances, Manonatha Mahārāja!! I wanted to greet you and ask a small question … how to transcend in this material world ?; especially the doubt! For this Krishna speaks to us … Read More

Why don’t I appreciate the devotees enough?

Question: Sometimes I commit offenses to devotees because I don’t appreciate them enough. How can I learn to have more esteem for devotees, to be inclined to serve them and treat them properly?   Answer: In reality this question was not asked of me but I found it in a publication called … Read More

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