Narada Muni’s desire to accelerate the descent of the Lord

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Pregunta The question is, could this action by Narada Muni not be seen as something selfish on the part of a Holy person just because he had the feeling and desire to accelerate the arrival of the Supreme Lord?   Respuesta Querido Bhakta Jomi Por favor reciba mis bendiciones. Todas las glorias … Read More

Don’t criticize and don’t glorify… ??

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Question Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada No one should criticize or glorify others’ natures or activities. Śrīmad Bhāgavatam confirms this instruction. The Caitanya-bhāgavata states, para carcakera gati nāhi kona kale: a critic never attains benefit. Critics go to hell. Instead of criticizing others, one should rectify himself. Could you explain why not … Read More

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Queridos devotos y amigos, Hare Krishna Kadacha Editions, nuestra tienda en línea (con la ambicion de ser una Academia de estudio), está lista. Puedes ir y visitarla. En aproximadamente una semana se enviará el primer número del Boletín Kadacha a todos los que se hayan registrado. Allí encontrará todas las explicaciones … Read More

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Dear devotees and friends, Hare Krishna. Kadacha Editions, our online store, is ready. You can go and visit it. In about a week, the first issue of the Kadacha Newsletter will be sent to all those who have registered. There you will find all the explanations to understand what we want … Read More

Iscrizione al Notiziario di Kadacha

Cari devoti e amici, Hare Krishna. Kadacha Editions, il nostro negozio online, e’ pronto. Potete andare a visitarlo. Fra una settimana circa il primo numero del Notiziario di Kadacha sara’ spedito a coloro che si sono iscritti. Li’ troverete tutti i chiarimenti per capire cosa vogliamo fare. I primi numeri saranno … Read More

Who warned Kamsa and why?

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A few day ago I explained how things work in this spirritual sky. The article was titled “Why Krishna had thousand of wives?”.   I report heren the same article: To understand this and other similar points we have to understand how is the spiritual world, how the Supreme Personality of Godhead … Read More

Vegetarian burgers

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Question Good afternoon Guru Maharaja, receive and accept my humblest obeisances and bless my ways. Appreciated Guru, in a publication in Dominican Republic local media there is some reference the fast food chain will have a menu of vegetarian burgers. So can we Krishna devotees can now visit this type of restaurants … Read More

Should we suffer while Krishna enjoys?

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Question We are advised in Krishna Consciousness that we should not please the senses and / or our desires but rather please the senses of Krishna and / or his desires. Please could you tell us in detail what Krishna’s desires are and how could we please them as well as how … Read More

Using lust and wrath in Krishna Consciousness

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Question   Dear Guru Maharaja, give me your blessing and let us bow to you today and forever. Guru Maharaja: reading the meaning of Bhagavad-gita, chapter 3 verse 37, in the last paragraph it says that “So that Lust and anger. When used in Krishna consciousness, becomes our friends, and not in … Read More

Why we should not sing the Maha Mantra after singing to Lord Nrsimha

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Question Why we should not sing the Maha Mantra after singing to Lord Nrsimha   Answer In some temples you hear that devotees mix songs that have nothing to do one with the others in terms of rasa and also do some kind of “wild mixing” of Mantras. Like for instance chanting … Read More

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