Vrinda Devi and a hint on Vrinda Kunda

Another name of Tulasi is Vrinda-devi (one who awards residence in Vrindavana).
Srila Narottama dasa Thakura says:
krpa kori koro tare vrindavana vasi,
”Dear Tulasi, please bestow your mercy upon me, so that I may forever reside in Vrindavana.”


The Vrindavana forest is named after Vrinda-devi, who performed penances here for 60,000 years.

She was born as the daughter of Emperor Kedera, a very pious king that attained Goloka Vrindavana. His daughter Vrinda Devi, after sanctifying the forest by her penance, also attained Goloka. Ever since, the forest has been known as Vrindavana.
Pleased by Vrinda-devi’s austerities Lord Vishnu granted a boon to the Vrindavana forest:
“Any penances performed here will quickly fructify and bear excellent results.”

Later Tulasi-devi, daughter of King Kusadhvaja, performed penances here and attained perfection.
Tulasi’s second name is Vrinda.


Srimati Vrinda-devi
“Krsna’s attractive features are also described by Vrinda, the gopi after whom Vrindavana was named.” (Nectar of Devotion chapter 26)

Vrinda-devi is an expansion of Srimati Radharani and Her partial expansion is Tulasi in Vaikuntha. Vrinda-devi is a very intimate associate and girlfriend of Srimati Radharani. Krsna expands as Narayana to marry Tulasi in one of His pastimes.” (SVMP??)

Vrnda-devi has a beautiful complexion the color of molten gold. She wears blue garments and is decorated with pearls and flowers. Her father is Candrabhanu and Her mother is Phullara-devi. Her husband is Mahipala and Her sister is Manjari-devi. She always remains in Vrindavana, immersed in love for Radha and Krsna and yearning to both arrange for Their meeting and taste the nectar of assisting in Their transcendental pastimes.
(Sri Sri Radha-Krsna-ganoddesa-dipika)


The Arranger
As the embodiment of the lila-shakti (pastime potency) Vrinda-devi is the organizer of all the transcendental pastimes of Sri Sri Radhika-Krsnacandra. Vrinda keeps many storerooms throughout the forests of Vrindavana. She is always busy, along with Her maidservant and forest goddesses, working to bring the pastimes of Radha-Govinda to complete fulfillment.

“According to the Goswamis, Vrinda-devi has a very unique and elevated position in Sri Sri Radha-Krsna’s pastimes. She arranges the secret and intimate meetings and is a very close associate of Srimati Radhika.” (SVMP)

“There are twelve enchanting sporting groves in Vrindavana. Under the instructions of Paurnamasi (personified Yogamaya) Vrinda-devi makes all arrangements for the union of Radha and Krsna, because She is in charge of the forest.” (CS??)


The Expert Services of Vrinda-devi
Vrinda-devi is responsible for waking up Radha and Krsna while they are resting in the forest kunjas (groves). She hurries the Divine Couple to Their homes in Nandgaon and Yavat before the sunrise and Their superiors detect Their absence. On Radha’s behalf Vrinda-devi delivers love notes and hand-made gifts, flower earrings and garlands to Sri Krsna. Vrinda arranges all the paraphernalia used in Radha-Krsna’s pastime. She provides all the swings, musical instruments, water-syringes and colour for squirting, clothing, ornaments and a variety of food and drinks.

Together with Her many maidservants, Vrinda-devi, using artistic craftsmanship, tastefully decorates the groves and bowers where Radha and Krsna sport. She engages two expert female parrots to act as spies on the path to alert of the approach of the two spoil-sports, Jatila (Radha’s mother-in-law) and Chandravali (Radha’s rival). When Radha reaches the rendezvous place, Vrinda personally escorts Her to meet Shyamasundara.

During the night rasa dance Vrinda-devi distributes a variety of percussion, stringed and wind instruments to the gopis. Their expert playing creates a celestial concert of scintillating sensations. To relieve the fatigue of the rasa performers Vrinda presents pleasingly prepared plates of delicious forest fruits and golden pots of refreshing honey-nectar.

“Filled with a great flood of love and decorating the ever blossoming groves of Vrindavana with many fragrant flowers, Vrinda-devi creates a festive atmosphere for Sri Sri Radha-Krsna to engage in transcendental pastimes with Their dear friends. Let me surrender to Vrinda-devi.” (VVS)


Vrinda Kunda is where Srimati Vrinda Devi is said to contemplate how she will arrange the daily pastimes of Radharani and Krishna.
Next to Vrinda Kunda is Gupta Kunda, which is where Radharani is said to secretly meet Krishna.

There is a beautiful deity of Vrinda Devi in the temple here.
She has a yellow parrot on her left hand. This parrot is said to fly around Vrindavana and on returning tells Vrinda Devi what is happening there. The parrot is named Daksa and is said to have one lakh (100,000) disciples.
Vrinda Devi arranges the pastimes in Vrindavana. Tulasi is an expansion of Vrinda Devi. Paurnamasi is the guru of Vrinda Devi.


Vrinda Devi, the goddess who grants entrance in Vrindavana

The Murti below of Vrinda Devi can be admired at Vrinda Kunda, the Iskcon temple near Nandagaon.

Whoever goes to Vrindavana should not miss the opportunity to go and ask Vrinda Devi her blessings.

Without her mercy nobody can even put a step within the boundary of blessed and beautyful Sri Vrindavana Dhama.


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