Why so-called advanced devotees are sometimes rude?

Question Hare krsna Maharaja. Good day. Dandavas. I have a question. Why some devotees who perform very good service for Srila Prabhupada and sometimes have many years in Krishna consciousness are rude and hostile to other devotees, sometimes justifying their way of being with their position? Our philosophy speaks of humility and … Read More

Kaliya Krsnadasa

Kaliya Krsnadasa Srila Kaviraja Goswami writes (Chaitanya Charitamrta-lila Adi 11:37.) that Kaliya Krishna Dasa Thakura was one of the principle devotees of Nityananda Prabhu. He knew nothing other than the lotus feet of Sri Nityananda Prabhu. According to Srila Kavi Karnapura’s Gaura-Ganodesha-Dipika (text 132.), he was one of the 12 gopals in … Read More

Drinking wine is a serious sin

From the Maha-bharata, Adi Parva:   Vaisampayana continued, The learned Sukra, having been deceived while under the influence of wine, and remembering the total loss of consciousness that is one of the terrible consequences of drink, and beholding too before him the handsome Kacha whom he had, in a state of unconsciousness, … Read More

¿Por qué suceden cosas terribles en Vrndavana? Como una devota violada …

Alguien me pidió que hiciera alguna consideración sobre la violencia en los lugares sagrados. ¿Cómo es que ocurren cosas horribles en un lugar que debería ser como un paraíso? En particular, ¿por qué sucede que las jóvenes son agredidas y violadas? Voy a decir algo desde diferentes puntos de vista.   El … Read More

Why do terrible things happen in Vrndavana? Like a lady devotee raped …

Someone asked me to make some consideration about violence in holy places. How come horrible things happen in a place that should be like a paradise? In particular, why does it happen that young women are assaulted and raped? I will say something from different points of view.   The first is … Read More

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