Dadhi manthana-sthal

The place where Yoghurt was churned (Dadhi-manthana-sthal) or Ukhal bandhan sthan.

Yashoda would churn yoghurt here.


Once, during the last part of the night, baby Krishna was sleeping on His bed. The previous day, Yashoda-maiya had sent all of her servants and maidservants to their respective homes for the occasion of Dipavali.

In the morning, she churned the yoghurt herself, so she would be able to feed fresh butter to Krishna. As she was churning, she absorbed herself in singing about Krishna’s pastimes in a high and melodious voice.

Krishna awoke and, feeling hungry, climbed out of His bed and began to search for His mother. Crying and stumbling along with great difficulty, He somehow managed to reach Mother Yashoda, who affectionately placed Him on her lap and began to breast-feed Him.

When she was only midway through feeding Him, the milk on the fire nearby began to boil over. Mother Yashoda forcefully put Krishna on the floor and went to take care of the milk. Baby Krishna had not yet drunk to His satisfaction and He began to quiver in uncontrollable anger. Taking up a stone pestle, He punched a hole in the churning pot and liquid yoghurt flowed all over the floor. Krishna trampled through the stream of yoghurt before walking into the house and climbing upon an upside-down mortar.

Taking butter from a hanging pot, He ate some Himself and then began to feed some to the monkeys and crows. Upon returning from the nearby stove, Yashoda-maiya saw signs of her child’s activities and began to smile. She crept up behind Krsna, but just as she went to catch Him He caught sight of her, jumped off the mortar and fled. But Mother Yashoda ran faster than Krishna and caught hold of Him from behind.

To punish Him, she tied Him to the mortar and then busied herself with her household duties


Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.9.18) states: “When Krishna saw the condition of His mother – her body covered with perspiration and the flowers falling from her hair due to her hard labour – He could understand that she was fatigued. K Krishna became merciful to her and agreed to be bound.”

Krishna and His sakhas began to drag the grinding mortar, and by so doing, touched and delivered Kuvera’s sons, who had been cursed in a previous life to become trees.


This pastime is described in detail in Srimad-Bhagavatam (Tenth Canto, Chapters Nine and Ten).Mother Yashoda had tied Krishna to the mortar right here in Nanda-bhavana, and the place where Nalakuvera and Manigriva were delivered lies just outside

On the road between Utkhal and Nanda Bhavan is the ancient Yogamaya temple. Some say that this is the birthplace of Balaram, others say that Yogamaya was born here. There are Deities of Vasudev and Rohini and apparently baby Balaram. There is also a Deity of Yogamaya in the middle.






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