Why don’t I appreciate the devotees enough?

Question: Sometimes I commit offenses to devotees because I don’t appreciate them enough. How can I learn to have more esteem for devotees, to be inclined to serve them and treat them properly?   Answer: In reality this question was not asked of me but I found it in a publication called … Read More

The difference between Pradhana, Prakriti and Mahat-tattva

  “… The combination of the three modes, which are eternal and unmanifested, is the cause of the manifested state, and is called Pradhana …” (Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.26.10) In the commentary to the verse Srila Prabhupada says: “… Pradhana is the subtle, undifferentiated total sum of all material elements …” Pradhana is therefore … Read More

Most wonderful divine pastime in Deha Kunda (Unchagaon, Vraja)

Deha Kunda Here once one brahmin asked Krishna, “I have a daughter of marriageable age, can you please give me some wealth?” Krishna thought, “Radha is My only and entire wealth. But for Her, I possess nothing else of value.” So He told the brahmana, “I want to give you My entire … Read More

How many dimensions in total do the Vedas say exist?

Question Jay Thank you Guru Maharaja, I wanted to ask you; How many dimensions in total do the Vedas say exist? On the other hand, I thought that in another dimension is the same planet but with another different content, does the size of the planet or moon vary in another dimension? … Read More

What the word “dimension” means? There are four dimensions?

Answer to a question: There are various definitions of the word dimension. Depending on which we want to talk about, the meaning changes a lot. For example in Caitanya Caritamrita Adi-lila 2.53 Srila Prabhupada describes three entities, which are virat (material energy), hiranyagarbha (the origin of souls) and karana (causal nature) and … Read More

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