Why do we worship deities? Are they not statues?

  We, like the christians, are contrary to worshiping statues or images. However we see christians worshiping so many images and statues of Jesus, Mary, doves, rays of light, crosses and saints. And we also are seen bow down in front of images and statues.   How is that? Isn’t there a … Read More

Update and structure of the Maha-bharata

Dear Vaisnava and friends, Yesterday I finished the first draft of the Adi Parva, the first of the eighteen books that make up the Maha-bharata of Sri Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa.   The first draft is the most difficult part because the translation must be organized, the structure built and the whole system … Read More

Should a Vaisnava fast for Maha Siva Ratri?

Sastras advice to fast on Maha Siva Ratri (the yearly most important of all “Siva nights”). Certainly one can derive great benefit in worshipping Lord Siva as the greatest of all Vaisnava (vaishnavanam yatha sambhuh) and especially on this day.   However Vrajavasis did not give as much importance to Siva Ratri … Read More

Etymology of the name Radha

Question: I would like to ask you something that has intrigued me. I would love to know the meaning of RADHA as well as Krsna means the Supreme Attraction.   Answer: Literally the name Radha (राधा) comes from the sanskrit root radh (रध्, or राध्), which means “to lead to success”. So … Read More

At what age we begin to receive karma for our actions?

This is a question I tried to answer time ago. However I had difficulties in finding sastric backups as I was requested to. I heard several numbers, included that Srila Prabhupada had supposedly said eight years, but I could never read or hear Srila Prabhupada saying that. If someone is in possession … Read More

One’s appetites are never satiated by enjoyment – from the Maha-bharata

King Yayati recollected the following truths contained in the Puranas:   Truly, one’s appetites are never satiated by enjoyment. On the other hand, like sacrificial butter poured into the fire, they flame up with indulgence. Even if one enjoyed the whole Earth with its wealth, diamonds and gold, animals and women, one … Read More

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