Why is Candra Sarovara Famous?



The gopis also came there and began massaging Krishna’s limbs and also fanned Him in order to relieve His fatigue.  

It is said that as Radha-kunda is very dear to Radharani, so Candra-sarovara is very dear to Candravali, the gopi considered second only to Radharani in attracting Krishna’s love.  

This lake is also very dear to the moon-god Candra, because at this place, due to experiencing transcendental ecstasy, he became momentarily stunned and ceased all external movement when he witnessed the rasa-dance between Radha and Krishna.  

This lake is famous all over Vraja because of the spring-time rasa-lila that took place near its shores. 

Even Lord Balarama became stunned when He also witnessed the extraordinary rasa-lila at Candra-sarovara, while He stood on top of Govardhana Hill. 


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