Kamada Ekadasi

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  Kamada Ekadasi (from the Varaha Purana) Sri Suta Goswami said, Oh sages, let me offer my humble and respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Lord Hari, Bhagavan Sri Krishna, the son of … Read More

The difference between Pradhana, Prakriti and Mahat-tattva

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  “… The combination of the three modes, which are eternal and unmanifested, is the cause of the manifested state, and is called Pradhana …” (Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.26.10) In the commentary to the … Read More

The Ramayana – A Summary

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The story of Rama is divided into four parts: 1. Early life of Rama 2. Rama’s exile 3. Abduction of Sita (Rama’s wife) and 4. Slaying of Ravana, the abductor of Sita, … Read More

Most wonderful divine pastime in Deha Kunda (Unchagaon, Vraja)

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Deha Kunda Here once one brahmin asked Krishna, “I have a daughter of marriageable age, can you please give me some wealth?” Krishna thought, “Radha is My only and entire wealth. But … Read More

¿Qué significa la palabra “dimensión”? ¿Hay cuatro dimensiones?

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Hay varias definiciones de la dimensión de la palabra. Dependiendo de lo que queramos hablar, el significado cambia mucho. Por ejemplo, en Caitanya Caritamrita Adi-lila 2.53 Srila Prabhupada describe tres entidades, que … Read More

Faith is born of knowledge

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First answer Dear *** Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I am sorry not to have much time to do a full research, but these few sastric … Read More

The Liquid Beauty

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Once upon a time a prince met very beautiful young girl. He visited her house to see her but she was very chaste. The prince wanted to marry this beautiful girl but … Read More

Drona Parva of the Maha-bharata: index of the main events

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Sanjaya tells to Dhritarastra of the fall of Bhisma Karna enters the field Bhishma blesses Karna Drona appointed general Fall of Drona; story Duryodhana asks Drona to capture Yudhisthira The samsaptaka (the … Read More

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