Suparna, meaning

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A bird with beautiful feathers.   सुपर्ण adj. suparNa having beautiful leaves   सुपर्ण adj. suparNa having beautiful wings   सुपर्णा f. suparNA mother of garuDa   सुपर्णा f. suparNA pool with plenty of lotuses   … Read More

Pinaki (Pinaka)

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#Pinaki: Another name for Siva, meaning He who hollds the bow called #Pinaka. Pinaka was formerly the three-forked spike of Siva. Once it fell down from the hands of Siva and on falling down took the … Read More


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#Bhaumana means belonging to the Earth. Another name for #Visvakarma     भौमन m. Name of viśva-karman-   (prob. wrong reading for bhauvana-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.      Apte Search … Read More

Surya, el dios del sol

Este documento ha sido traducido del inglés con Google translate y no ha sido editado. Por lo tanto, es posible que haya errores. Para cualquier aclaración, contáctenos. El Dios que ilumina los mundos. 1) Nacimiento. Se … Read More


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#Aparadha means offense, being opposed to devotion, moving away from devotion     अपराध m. aparAdha offence   अपराध m. aparAdha crime   अपराध m. aparAdha guilt   अपराधं करोति verb 8 aparAdhaM karoti { kR … Read More

Result of offenses

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  In Bhakti Sandarbha, Śrī Jīva Gosvāmī discusses the supreme potency of bhakti. He writes that even a semblance of bhakti, bhaktyābhāsa, has the power to grant liberation (Anuccheda 153). To demonstrate this, he cites some … Read More

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