Srimati Radharani

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Radharani Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is stated in the Svetasvatara Upanishad (6.8) “The Supreme Lord has multipotencies, which act so perfectly that all consciousness, strength and activity are being directed solely by His will”. The material world, where we are now living, is called bahir-anga-sakti, the external energy of Krishna. Krishna explains in the Bhagavad-Gita … Read More

Who is Srimati Radharani

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“There is one person whose name is never mentioned in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. And yet Bhāgavatam’s steadfast readers constantly nurture the ardent hope of becoming that person’s devout, one-pointed servant. May that person, who means everything to Śrī Bhagavān, kindly destroy our false ego in all its various forms and bestow upon us the shelter of Her lotus feet. Today is the … Read More

Curso de estudio para segunda iniciación (Santo Domingo, Noviembre 2019)

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ISKCON Sociedad Internacional para la Conciencia de Krishna   Introduccion Estimados Vaisnavis y Vaisnavas, Por favor accepte mis reverencias. Todas las glorias sean para Srila Prabhupada.   En el mes de noviembre se tenra en Santo Domingo (Republica Dominicana) una ceremonia de iniciacion. De acuerdo a la leyes de los GBC de Iskcon, es necesario que se haga un exame … Read More

In quali occasioni viene chiamato Govinda e in quali Gopala?

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Domanda E in quali occasioni viene chiamato Govinda e in quali Gopala?   Risposta In genere i nomi che significano qualcosa (che sono la totalita’ nel caso dei nomi spirituali) si usano quando ci si vuole rivolgere alla persona ricordando la sua particolare caratteristica. Tuttavia questo non e’ sempre cosi’. Ad esempio Krishna nel Maha-bharata viene chiamato Govinda varie volte … Read More

The Manus and the period of their lives

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Dear devotees, Few weeks ago a devotee asked me about the Manus and how long they live. As you know, lately I have been very busy and it took me some time to answer. Anyway this is my answer.   The Manu are the progenitor of the human race. Every some time there is a Manu whose task is to … Read More

Il significato del nome Govinda e la differenza con il nome Gopala

Domanda: Hare Krishna caro Guru Maharaja, vorrei fare una ricerca approfondita sul significato del nome Govinda. Puoi dirmi dove fare ricerca, oppure di scrivere tu qualcosa di completo? Non vorrei darti impegni extra, quindi se non te la senti, potresti dirmi dove trovare quello che cerco. Haribol PS comprese differenze da Gopala   Risposta: Caro Govinda, La parola “go” in … Read More

The holy name of Krishna is transcendentally blissful

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Caitanya Caritamrita, Madhya-lila 17. 133 nama cintamanih krishnas caitanya-rasa-vigrahah purnah suddho nitya-mukto ’bhinnatvan nama-naminoh Word-For-Word Meanings namah—the holy name; cintamanih—transcendentally blissful giver of all spiritual benedictions; krishnah—not different from Krishna; caitanya-rasa-vigrahah—the form of all transcendental mellows; purnah—complete; suddhah—pure, without material contamination; nitya—eternal; muktah—liberated; abhinnatvat—due to not being different; nama—of the holy name; naminoh—and of the person who has the name. … Read More

The auspicious system of smarana

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  sadhako brahma-muhurte cotthaya nijeshta-namani smaret kirtayed va—- sa jayati visuddha-vikramah kanakabhah kamalayatekshanah vara-janu-lambi-sad-bhujo bahudha bhakti-rasabhinartakah The auspicious system of smarana is here being described: Arising from sleep during the brahma-muhurta, the sadhaka should either perform smarana or kirtana of his Deity’s numerous names. All glories to the golden-complexioned Gaurahari, who has large lotus-like eyes and beautiful arms that hang … Read More

Annada (or Aja) Ekadasi

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  From the Brahma-vaivarta Purana. Sri Yudhisthira Maharaja said, “Oh Janardana, protector of all living entities, please tell me the name of the Ekadasi that occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada (august-September).” The Supreme Lord, Shri Krishna, then replied, “Oh King, hear me attentively. The name of this sin-removing, sacred Ekadasi is Aja. any person who … Read More

Srila Prabhupada

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Srila Prabhupada was born Abhay Charan De on September 1st 1896 in Calcutta, India. His father was Gour Mohan De, a cloth merchant, and his mother was Rajani. His parents in accordance with Bengali tradition, employed an astrologer to calculate the child’s horoscope, and they were made jubilant by the auspicious reading. The astrologer made a specific prediction: When this … Read More

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