The vow on chanting Hare Krishna – question and answer


Thanks, it’s very kind of you !! The first question that comes to my mind is this: RKC was often told to reach a certain number of rounds of mala a day, then you had to try not to go below and if you increase you cannot go down (at least this is what I understood) … but a form of ‘experimentation’ can not be done ?? for example, I always chant 10, but sometimes I would say more, even knowing that the next day will be 10 again as always … this could also stimulate to increase the usual number of laps, in a stable way (12 or canons 16) … .. I’m too fussy ?? do you understand what I meant ?? Anyway thanks ….



Dear Bhakta ***, Hare Krishna.

It’s all a matter of sankalpa, that is, of the vote you take. If you, in your mind or in front of the deities or in other ways, take the vow to sing 4 rounds, those will be the japamala rounds that you commit to do. The effort to maintain this commitment is of great value in Krishna Consciousness.

If then one day you want or can chant more, this does not force you to do it every day because, in fact, you did not take the sankalpa.

So your reflection is correct.

– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
November 27, 2018



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