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  Harimedha A saintly King of ancient days. He once conducted a yajna and a daughter called Dhvajavati was born to him. She lived in the western regions (Udyoga Parva, Chapter 110, Verse 13)  

Candra (Soma)

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  Candra was born to Atri by Anasuya. (See Pururavas). 2) Candra led married life with the wife of his guru. Tara, the very beautiful wife of Brhaspati, preceptor of the Devas happened to reach Candra’s … Read More


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The son of the Maharsi Jaratkaru and his wife, also named Jaratkaru. He stopped King Janamejaya’s Sarpasatra and saved the nagas. There is a story about Astika’s birth in the Devi Bhagavata. Long ago the people … Read More


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#Adhvaryu The adhvaryu was in charge of the physical details of the sacrifice (in particular the adhvara, a term for the Somayajna). According to Monier-Williams, the adhvaryu “had to measure the ground, to build the altar, … Read More

Gokarna, a type of measurement

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Gokarṇa (गोकर्ण) refers to the “distance between the stretched out thumb and little finger” and represents a type of measurement, as defined in the texts dealing with śilpa (arts and crafs), known as śilpaśāstras.—Besides the smaller … Read More

Ritvija, Ritvik

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  Rtvij, a ministering priest, or, according to some, the Rtvij who is also the Hota, the priest who actually presents the oblation, or who invokes or summons the deities to the ceremony, accordingly as the … Read More

Gandharva Kumudananda

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Gandharva #Kumudananda He has been described as “Dasama Gopala” in some books and as “Upagopala” in others. He was originally from Chittagong and his Sripata was at Dainhat village in the district of Burdwan, where he … Read More

Monello irrequieto

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      Dopo il chuda karana (il primo taglio di capelli) e il karna bheda (la foratura dei lobi per gli orecchini), Nimai fu solennemente iniziato all’arte della scrittura. Suo padre gli mise in mano … Read More

Taksaka, the serpent

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    Descending in order from Visnu • Brahma • Marici • Kasyapa • Taksaka. Kasyapa got of his wife Kadru serpents and Taksaka was one of the serpent chiefs. (Sloka 5, Chapter 35, Adi Parva ). … Read More

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