Vrindavana Lila, the book (in English)

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Vrindavana Lila
The transcendental pastimes of Sri Krishna and His dear devotees.

We finally have the long-awaited book composed exclusively of transcendental pastimes of Sri Krishna and His devotees.

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It’s book no. 50 published by Kadacha Editions!

Table of Contents 5
Introduction 13
A black snake in Radharani’s hairs 15
A jet of milk at Radharani’s face 16
Abhimanyu chased away 17
Asta-kaliya Nitya Lila 19
    Pratham-yama-kirtanam 19
    Dvitiya-yama-kirttanam 20
    Tritiya-yama-kirttanam 21
    Caturtha-yama-kirttanam 22
    Pancama-yama-kirttanam 24
    Sastha-yama-kirttanam 25
    Saptam-yama-kirttanam 26
    Astam-yama-kirttanam 27
    Srila Prabhupada on Astakaliya nitya lila 28
Blouse shadow 29
Boat pastime at Manasi Ganga 30
Boat Pastimes at the Yamuna. 31
    Some more details 33
Brahma stealing the gopas 36
Brahmanda-Ghata 51
    How to Get to Brahmanda Ghata: 53
Plays in Candra Sarovara 53
    Where is it 55
Candravali: where is Kamsa? 55
Ceremony at Govinda Kunda 56
Cheated into eating a flower 57
Child Krishna meets baby Radharani for the first time. 57
Conversation between Radha and Krishna 60
    A second conversation 61
    A third conversation 61
    A fourth conversation 62
Daily meditation 63
    Niśānta-līḷā (3:36 a.m. — 4:24 a.m.) 63
    The birds awaken Rādhā and Krishna 65
    The pleasure fatigue 71
    Rādhā-Krishna’s sweet fatigue 73
    Mañjarīs’ service and Krishna’s agitation (Niśānta-līḷā (4:24 a.m.—5:36 a.m.) 75
    Female Parrots speak to Rādhā 78
    The male parrots speak to Krishna 79
    The sakhīs’ joy in seeing Śrī Rādhā and the pleasure bed 84
    Forgetting to go home and Kakkhaṭī’s poetry – Niśānta-līḷā (5:36 a.m.—6:00 a.m.) 90
    Rādhā’s lamentation and sleeping 93
    (6:00 a.m.—8:24 a.m.) Prātaḥ-līlā 95
    Mūla-sūtra: 95
    The mañjarīs’ activities and Rādhā’s abode – Prātaḥ-līlā (6:00 a.m.—6:24 a.m.) 96
    Performing services for Rādhā 97
    Dawn and arrival of Mukharā 97
    Rādhā awakens 99
Deha Kunda 100
    Second version of the story 102
    Third version of the story 102
Disguised as a sannyasi 103
Dohani Kunda, Krishna teaches Radha how to milk 103
Don’t put Your face near Mine 104
Dream pastimes – Radharani and Caitanya 104
Gopastami 106
Govardhana Puja 106
On this day Govardhana hill is worshiped. 106
Govardhana Puja, Go Puja 107
Devastating Rainfall in Vrindavana 118
Govinda Kunda, ceremony 124
Haroyan Gram 125
Story 125
Hau Bilau 126
Hiranyangi 128
I don’t want anything from Sakhisthali 129
Imli Tala 130
Jala Kridatikusala Sva Malali, the song 132
Jarati joking with Krishna 134
Kosi 135
Krishna asks Sanatana to build a hut for himself 137
Krishna Balarama do not want to leave playing 138
Krishna dancing 138
Krishna deceives Jatila 139
Krishna eating earth 142
Krishna enters the forest 143
Krishna gets scared 144
Krishna inventing the word mata 145
Krishna learning the meaning of words 145
Krishna marks Radha’s breast 146
Krishna protects Radharani 146
Krishna saving the gopas from the Munjavana fire 147
Krishna steals the gopi’s garments 149
Krishna the mendicant 151
Krishna tries to dress Yasoda 151
Krishna trying to walk 152
Krishna wants freshly churned butter 152
Krishna wants His mother’s attention 156
Kutila catches Radha Krishna 156
Kyon Nai (Konai) 157
Last day of Kartika 158
Lautha Baba 160
The Story of Madhavendra Puri 161
    Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s first visit to Remuna after Sanyasa. 161
    Glories of Govinda Kunda 162
    Madhavendra Puri’s first Dharshan of Gopal 163
    Gopala appears in Madhavendra Puri’s Dream 164
    Installation Ceremony of Gopal deity 166
    Annakuta Ceremony for Gopala 167
    Gorgeous Worship of Gopala 167
    Test of Surrender 169
    Pastime of Ksira Cora Gopinatha 169
    A Pure Devotee’s Fame – Jagannatha Puri 172
    Obstacles in the Service of Lord are greatly Welcomed 173
    Unparalleled Devotion of Sri Madhavendra Puri 175
Madhumangala chastised by the Gopis 177
The Manasi Ganga boatman 179
    Notes: 180
Mukhara to Krishna, go fetch those things 180
Mukta Carita, the pearl pastime 181
    Second version 184
    The Mukta Carita – 207
Nanda Maharaja supports Krishna 208
No dots 210
Pastimes in the month of Kartika 211
Peacock pastimes 1 220
Peacock pastimes 2 221
Prema Sarovara pastimes 221
Priyah so’yam 223
Radha and Krishna on the swing 225
Radha attracted to the three Krishnas 227
    The flute 227
    The Painting 227
    Krishna herding the cows 227
    One person only 228
A conversation 228
    Question 228
    Answer 229
Radha brings ingredients for Sanatana 229
The discovery of Radha Kunda by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu 230
The Origin of Radha-kunda 232
Radha Nagari 233
Radharani accused 235
Radharani curses Vrinda 235
Radharani dreaming 237
Radharani’s disguise 238
    Radharani gives a garland to Subala for Krishna 238
    Krishna wants to see Radharani 238
    Subala goes to Javat and tricks Jatila 239
    Subala talks to Radharani 240
    Radharani disguises as Subala 240
    Radharani got out and went to Radha-kunda and met Krishna. 241
Radharani’s particular night dress 242
Rupa Gosvami disturbed in his meditation 243
Sakatasura 245
Sanatana Gosvami and the touchstone 248
Sanatana Gosvami too old to do parikrama 249
Sankari Khora, the narrow passage 251
Sankari Khora 2 253
Surya Kunda: Dvaraka Baba 254
Surya Kunda, Krishna disguised as Brahmana 254
Jatila suspicions 255
Jatila and Madhumangala go to Javat 256
Mukhara 256
Mukhara runs after Krishna and Sankhacuda 256
Radha kidnapped 257
Krishna kills Shankacuda 257
Surya Kunda, more pastimes 258
    Pastime 258
    Getting there 260
    Surya Kunda, warming Krishna’s body 261
Syama Sakhi Pastime 262
    Location 263
The black cuckoo 263
The butter thief 264
The fruit vendor 265
The gopis complained that Krishna and Balarama were stealing butter 266
Kadacha Editions 267

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