Bhaktivinoda Thakura (1838-1914)

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From Back to Godhead Compiled by Manu dasa Srila #Bhaktivinoda Thakura (1838-1914) is a prominent preceptor acharya in our succession of spiritual masters and disciples coming from Lord Krishna. He was a pioneering spiritual leader, a … Read More

A Child Sent by Krishna

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  It was Janmastami, the annual celebration of the advent of Lord Krsna some five thousand years before. Residents of Calcutta, mostly Vaisnavas (devotees of Lord Krsna) but also many Muslims and even some British, were … Read More

The real meaning of Vaisnava aparadha

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The standard knee-jerk response to BTP from the guru hoaxers and their followers is that its contents constitute “Vaisnava aparadha“, or the committing of offenses or blasphemy against a devotee. In this article, we analyse what … Read More


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  #Nandimukhi Devi has a fair complexion and wears exquisite garments. Her father is Sandipani Muni and her mother is the chaste Sumukhi-devi. Her brother is Madhumangala and her paternal grandmother is Paurnamasi-devi. She wears various … Read More

Nama cintamani krishnas

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#Nama cintamani krishnas – Padma Purana   nama cintamanih krishnas caitanya-rasa-vigrahah purnah suddho nitya-mukto ‘bhinnatvan nama-naminoh The holy name of Krishna is transcendentally blissful. It bestows all spiritual benedictions, for it is Krishna Himself, the reservoir … Read More

Madre Ganga e l’acqua del pozzo.

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      Un giorno Chaitanya andò a trovare Paramananda Puri nella sua Matha e gli chiese dell’acqua. Paramananda Puri Gosvami, discepolo di Madhavendra Puri e confratello di Isvara Puri (il Guru iniziatore di Chaitanya), rispose … Read More

Adhikara, meaning

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#Adhikara, qualification   अधिकार m. adhikAra section   अधीकार m. adhIkAra ability   अधिकार m. adhikAra official act   अधिकार m. adhikAra influence   अधिकार m. adhikAra authorization [amer.]   अधिकार m. adhikAra authorisation [brit.]   … Read More

Wonderful Krishna

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    Wonderful Krsna Without understanding the intricacies of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and without knowing His uncommon spiritual opulences, the innocent cowherd boys and men of Vrndavana began to discuss the wonderful activities … Read More

Acarya, meaning

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Acarya — the teacher; (we use this Sanskrit word in the sense of “best source of explanation of knowledge”)   Sanskrit root, “a-car”. Car means to go. Therefore one meaning of the word #acarya is “he … Read More

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