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#Aparadha means offense, being opposed to devotion, moving away from devotion     अपराध m. aparAdha offence   अपराध m. aparAdha crime   अपराध m. aparAdha guilt   अपराधं करोति verb 8 aparAdhaM karoti { kR … Read More

Result of offenses

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  In Bhakti Sandarbha, Śrī Jīva Gosvāmī discusses the supreme potency of bhakti. He writes that even a semblance of bhakti, bhaktyābhāsa, has the power to grant liberation (Anuccheda 153). To demonstrate this, he cites some … Read More

Libri. Descrizione del Caitanya Mangala

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    Il Chaitanya mangala si concentra su aneddoti nella vita di Chaitanya, ma ha una speciale sezione introduttiva in cui Murari Gupta discute con Damodara Pandita, narrando tre conversazioni sull’apparizione e sulla missione di Chaitanya … Read More

How to do acamana

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How to do #acamana Take the acamana spoon in your left hand, dip purified water, and pour the purified water (few drops) into the right hand, which should be formed palm up with the tip of … Read More


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The Guru of the devas. 1) Birth. The father of Brhaspati was Angiras, the son of Brahma. Brahma grew amorous, at the sight of some celestial maids who were present at a sacrifice performed by Rudra … Read More

Marut, the 49 gods

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    In the Puranas there are references to 49 gods who are known as “Maruts”. All of them are the sons of Kasyapa. The story of how the child in Diti’s womb was cut into … Read More

Time According to the Vedas

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          Sadaputa Digital Channel – Dr. Richard L. Thompson Although the Puranic description of time as “an active potency of the Supreme which manipulates the material energy” may appear incompatible with Einstein’s … Read More

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