What you get if you subscribe to Isvara Archive

This is Isvara Archive inventory of today May 18 2019.

Books 37,454
Articles 18,931
History 27,230
IMG 31,767
Audio 3,927
Video 3,374
TOTAL: 122,683


Database   10
Admin.  66,974
Warehouse.  50
Tunnel shared.  6,779
TOTAL: 73,813


It has to be understood that this is my personal Archive that I make it available to the public, so some part may be messy or you can find duplicates of the same file.
Again, it is a personal archive, super rich, but still a personal archive.


Now when you click on a document you are not anymore forced to download it, as before, but you can read it directly on the browser.


Your yearly donations, large or small, will allow me to buy books, pay for the cloud, the server and more.

Please help.


To subscribe go to
choose your language and follow the instructions.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
May 18, 2019

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