The Desire for Fame

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sammānād brāhmaṇo nityam udvijeta viṣād iva
amṛtasyeva cākāṅkṣed avamānasya sarvadā
sukhaṁ hy avamataḥ śete sukhaṁ ca pratibudhyate
sukhaṁ carati loke ‘sminn avamantā vinaśyati

Throughout his life a brāhmaṇa should consider
material prestige to be like poison and dishonor
to be like nectar. After all, if one learns to tolerate
dishonor, then his agitation will subside and he
will happily sleep, happily wake, and happily move
about. The person who insults him will as a result
of his sin become embarrassed, and his happiness
in this and the next life will be vanquished.


— Mānu-saṁhitā 2.162-163, quoted by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta
Saraswati Thakur in Brāhmaṇa and Vaiṣṇava. English translation
by Bhumipati Das. Vrajaraj Press. Vrindavan. 1999.



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