Mukhara to Krishna, go fetch those things

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One day Radharani’s grandmother Mukhara played a joke on Krishna by asking,

“O darling! Go fetch the large clay pot, the low wooden seat, and the drinking cup.”

With a mild smile on His face Krishna gingerly put some of the articles in His hands while balancing the remainder on His gorgeous belly.


After walking some distance Krishna rested a little, and then slowly lifted those articles and brought them all to Mukhara.

The heavy items that He could not lift, He just touched and left alone.

Then the wives of Upananda and Sunanda arrived and asked Vrajaraja Nanda if they could see Krishna.

Due to having previously worshiped great devotees like Narada Muni and others, the wives of Upananda and Sunanda achieved the rare fortune of seeing the charming lotus feet of Krishna.

They lifted Krishna onto their laps and said,

“O darling! You are the son of the king, so just drop these things. Such work is not proper for You.”

Then they rebuked Mukhara and threw away the things Krishna had carried.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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