Rādhā’s Eyes Lowered in Embarrassment


Krishna said,

“O sakhīs, look here! The star named Rādhā, seeing her lover, the moon, about to depart at dawn, became pained by separation and drew hundreds of moonbeams on the canvas of the sky.”

Second translation:

“Rādhā, feeling distressed over our impending separation, made hundreds of nail-marks on My broad, dark blue chest.”

The sakhīs laughed at Krishna’s play on words. Rādhā’s eyes lowered in embarrassment and Her cheeks quivered slightly. Rādhā cast a crooked glance at Her lover as if to pierce Him. Rādhā’s slightly closed eyes, glistening with erotic bliss, were brimming with tears and reddish with anger. They moved restlessly due to shyness. Rādhā’s eyes blossomed fully when She glimpsed at the lotus face of Her beloved Śyāma. Krishna’s eyes also widened in delight.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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