Susharma’s Attack

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Penetrating into Matsya territory from the southern front, the Trigarta invaded the region, easily shattering all defenses; without the valid command of Kichaka the soldiers were overwhelmed in a few hours and the herds stolen. Virata was immediately informed of the attack, and quickly organized the troops, leaving the same day in the direction of the southern border. Needing every help, he took all the Pandavas with him, except Arjuna, who was believed to be a eunuch and therefore considered unsuitable for combat.

The army caught up with the attacker the next day.

They got involved in a fierce battle during which Virata was taken prisoner by the strong Susharma but was freed by Bhima and the twins. The heroes of the day were the two sons of Madri, who aired in the fight all the fury that had been repressed for too many years.

Incredulous for such unexpected courage, the Trigartas abandoned the herds and took refuge in their homeland.


This is a section of the book “Maha-bharata, Vol. 1”.

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