In My Village No One Fasts

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Madhavendra Puri and Sri Gopala

Madhavendra Puri’s first Dharshan of Gopal

Madhavendra Puri sat to take his bath at Govind Kund. 

After taking his bath he sat beneath the tree to take his rest and while he was sitting beneath that tree an unknown cowherd boy came with a pot of milk and placed it before Madhavendra Puri. So this cowherd boy with a smile addressed Sri Madhavendra Puri.

He said, “Please drink this milk I’ve brought. Why don’t you beg some food to eat? What kind of meditation are you undergoing?” 

When Madhavendra Puri saw that boy he became very satisfied. Hearing his sweet words he forgot all hunger and thirst. Madhavendra Puri said, 

“Who are you? Where do you reside? And how did you know that I was fasting?” 

The boy replied, 

“Sir I’m a cowherd boy and I reside in this village. In my village no one fasts. In this village a person can beg from other people and thus eat. Some people drink only milk; but if a person does not ask anyone for food, I supply him all his eatables. The women who come here to take water saw you and they supplied me with this milk and sent me to you. I must go very soon to milk the cows but I shall return and take back this pot of milk from you.” 

Saying this, the boy left and he could no longer be seen. And after drinking the milk Madhavendra Puri washed the pot and put it aside. And he looked towards the path but the boy never returned.


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