Now Just Remove Me With Care

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Gopala appears in Madhavendra Puri’s Dream

Then Madhavendra Puri sat under the tree and began to chant 

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. 

And at the end of the night he dosed a little and his external activity stopped. And in a dream Madhavendra Puri saw the same boy. The boy came to him holding his hand and took him into the jungle. And then the boy showed Madhavendra Puri the bush and said, 

“I reside in this bush. And because of this, I suffer very much from severe cold, rain, showers, wind and scorching heat. Please bring the people of the village and get them to take me out of this bush. Tell them to take me out of this bush then have them situate me nicely on top of a hill. Please construct a temple on the hill and install me in that temple. After this wash me with large quantities of cold water so that my body may be cleansed. For many days I’ve been observing you and I’ve been wondering, when will Madhavendra Puri come to serve me? I have accepted your service due to your ecstatic love for me. Thus I shall appear and by my audience all fallen souls will be delivered. My name is Gopal. I’m the lifter of Govardhan Hill. I was installed by Vajra and here I’m the authority. When the Mohammedans attacked, the priests who were serving me hid me in the bush in the jungle then he ran away out of fear of attack. Since the priest went away, I’ve been staying here in this bush. And it’s very good that you’ve come here. Now just remove me with care.” 

After saying this, the boy disappeared. Then Madhavendra Puri woke up and began to consider his dream. He began to lament. 

“I saw Lord Krishna directly but I could not recognize Him.” 

Thus he fell down to the ground in ecstatic love. Madhavendra Puri cried for sometime but then he fixed his mind on executing the order of Gopal. Thus he became tranquil.

So Madhavendra Puri fixed his mind on executing the order of Gopal. And after taking his morning bath, he entered the village and assembled all the people. And he spoke to them, he told them that the proprietor of this village, Govardhana Dhari is lying in the bushes. Let us go and rescue him from that place. He told them that the bushes are very dense and they should bring choppers and spades to clear the way. 

After hearing this, with great pleasure, all the villagers followed Madhavendra Puri. They cut through the jungle to make a path. And when they saw the deity covered with dirt and grass they were all struck with wondering pleasure. After they cleansed the body of Gopal, they realized that this deity is very heavy. And no one person could move him. So some of the stronger men came to carry Him to the top of the hill. And a big stone was made for a throne. And another stone was put behind for support.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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