One’s appetites are never satiated by enjoyment – from the Maha-bharata

King Yayati recollected the following truths contained in the Puranas:


Truly, one’s appetites are never satiated by enjoyment.

On the other hand, like sacrificial butter poured into the fire, they flame up with indulgence.

Even if one enjoyed the whole Earth with its wealth, diamonds and gold, animals and women, one may not yet be satiated.

It is only when man does not commit any sin in respect of any living thing, in thought, deed, or speech, it is then that he attains to purity as that of Brahman.

When one fears nothing, when one is not feared by anything, when one wishes for nothing, when one injures nothing, it is then that one attains to the purity of Brahman.


Maha-bharata, Adi Parva, Sambhava Parva, 75.50-53

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