On the old forums

Dear Govinda, Hare Krishna.
Excuse the delay with which I answer you. Generally I answer in a couple of days, but it’s a pretty intense period.


Over the years there have been several devotees who have copied and archived all that was written and published. In theory then it should be everything in Archive, which you can access from here:


I also would like to re-read everything as it was but I could not tell you exactly what was archived or what was not. I could assume that the tendency was to give preference to my writings. Imagine that we have had hundreds of thousands of articles and various interventions. It seems to me difficult that all the “haribol” and the “so nice” have been manually copied.
Moreover, in these almost 20 years the software has changed at least three times.
The times have also changed, before we were the only ones and there was no Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others, now they are there and so people are no longer, so to say, forced to come to us for information and to participate in the Krishna consciousness.
Add to this that I no longer have an Italian public and I only write in English and Spanish.


Although you did not ask for (and for those who read this it is a rare intervention in my native language) I tell you how things are going now with my preaching.

I regularly receive many questions to which I always respond with great pleasure. These are put on the website
and after a while removed, put in the archive and eventually transformed into books. Those already published (even if someone is missing at present because our great Isvara Dasa is working on a professional bookstore) you can find them here:
Of the 21 published so far, 15 are in Italian.
Here we offer books in paper format, in Kindle format, in PDF and in “Live Books”, which I will explain to you what it is. People will also be able to find classes in audio and video format.

I keep writing, of course I haven’t finished yet. I have big plans, like the translation and explanation of the 110,000 verses of the Maha-bharata (which has already begun), the Encyclopedia of Vrindavana (in a well advanced stage) and many others.

However, a new preaching system will soon be implemented, which I have never seen anyone do. It’s called “Live Books”.

I have been thinking about this system for over ten years but the technology did not allow it. It became possible only lately and we are finally working on this.

I explain to you:


Let’s say that I publish a book but then want to change, add, remove;
suppose I get specific questions about a topic, suggestions from a reader or that someone has found something that deserves to be included in the book;
let’s also assume that we want to add audio, video, live conferences or anything else to the book.

None of this is possible with a paper book.

What to do?


“Live Books” means that the book is put online, and regularly and in real time updated thanks to Cloud technology. Those who subscribe to these books receive a newsletter that indicates which updates have been made and where.
Readers can send questions and receive answers or send material found on the internet. All this is added to the book, which thus grows and is perfected. It does not remain static like a paper book, but it is alive.

Sooner or later my entire preaching will move there and those who want to interact with me will have to enter into the “Live Books”.


The project will be made public by the end of this year.


I hope you’re okay, I’m glad to hear from you again after such a long time.


Hare Krishna
– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
15 July 2019



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