Meaning of the word abhyasa; and smaranam


The word abhyasa has some relation with the word Smaranam?
Another question :
could smaranam be higher than Sravanam Kirtan?



In sanskrit the word abhyasa means practice, exercise, repetition. Abhyasa-yoga therefore means the practice of the discipline of yoga in particular those practices involving repetitions.

For instance japa, or the repeated murmurred chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna,
or japamala, chanting with a rosary,
or kirtana, chanting with music,
are all types of abhyasa-yoga.

Smaranam means remembering, recollecting or meditating using your mind.

One should definitely remember and meditate on Krishna, His qualities, activities, etc, however, according to the greatest spiritual masters, the best and most effective means for liberation is hearing and chanting.

After all a good rememberance depends on hearing and chanting.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
17 Jul 2019

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