What is the difference between Viveka and Buddhi Yoga?



What is the difference between Viveka and Buddhi Yoga?



I’ll write a more detailed dissertation on the term viveka, it’s various meanings and the relationship with Buddhi Yoga in my next book.

For now briefly:
Viveka means analisys or discrimination and buddhi means intelligence.
Therefore viveka is one of the capacities, or actions, of buddhi.

When one utilizes his intelligence (buddhi) in an analytical way (viveka) to get liberation (yoga), then it becomes Buddhi Yoga. Without Yoga, or Bhakti, Buddhi is only material intelligence and it will not lead you anywhere. It becomes spiritual when it is utilized for Yoga.

Best way to utilize one’s intelligence to get liberation and then pure devotion is to study the Vedas, trying to understand philosophy and developing taste for hearing about spiritual stories.

When we become attracted to Krishna Katha, which is the food to make buddhi strong, then our interest for Maya decreases down to zero.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
17 Jul 2019

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