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***, from Facebook

Hare Krishna dear Guru Maharaj, I found very interesting what you told me about Live Books, I think it’s great, the best way to use new technologies wisely. If you want to keep me up to date or better, if I can do something I would be very pleased. Soon… Haribol



Dear ***,
I am glad that you see the Live Books as a good idea. I have always given importance to your opinions because you have a particularly acute intelligence.


As for generic updates, if you speak English or Spanish I can add you to my Whatsapp group. I don’t have an Italian group because, as I told you yesterday, I no longer have an Italian audience.
Otherwise visit regularly and you’ll find all the news, almost.


Concerning the updates of the publications and of Live Books, since you asked for it, I have inserted you in the database of our newsletter that in a couple of months (it may be before or after, we don’t know yet) will begin to send information.


As for the “if I can do something I would be very pleased”, I would also like to have a collaborator like you again.
There are so many things to do in the field of Vedic research and studies.

But this depends on your situation.
For example: do you have a computer or do you move only with a mobile phone or a tablet? These are convenient for reading but are not practical for doing things.
Then, how much time do you have for this? Not in the sense of how many hours per day, but if you see this as something limited in time. For example, “I give a hand on this thing and then no more”, or “just a month because after I’ll have other commitments “.
Things like that.

The reason for this is that if you have little time you can do some things, if you have more time you can take a project that takes some time to learn what to do and how to do it and it wouldn’t be worth for you (and for me, who have to teach you) spend time learning things you will not do.


Finally, yesterday we received your email requesting access to the Archive. As you have read, we request a donation for the necessary funding, but certainly this does not apply to you, who have done and given so much in the past.

This is the gateway:
and this is the password


Very well. Let me know.

Hare Krishna
– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
16 Jul 19


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