Who is Manonatha Dasa?

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Who is he?
Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP) is a devotee of Lord Krishna.
He is one of the direct disciples of Srila Prabhupada, Founder Acarya of the Hare Krishna Movement, from whom he took initiation in 1974.
He is one of Iskcon oficial initiating Gurus (spiritual masters).

What did he do?
He dedicated his life to study and to teach the philosophy of Krishna consciousness.
He is the author of many books in Italian language and is presently working on books in Spanish and in English. He also authored thousands of articles on Vedic Vaisnava history and philosophy in english, italian and spanish.
In 1995 he founded Isvara.org in various languages from where he teaches to the large Internet audience by writings, by videos and by audios.
He is still preaching, writing books and privately and publicly answering questions.

What languages does he speak?
He speaks italian, english and spanish.

Where is he now?
Presently he lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

How to contact him?
Email or Facebook.



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