How many dimensions in total do the Vedas say exist?


Jay Thank you Guru Maharaja, I wanted to ask you; How many dimensions in total do the Vedas say exist? On the other hand, I thought that in another dimension is the same planet but with another different content, does the size of the planet or moon vary in another dimension?


We have no information of how many dimensions exist but both Srila Prabhupada (“unlimited dimension”) and logic say that they cannot be counted.

About size, there is no doubt that in other dimensions sizes are different. We read in the Puranas, even in Srimad-Bhagavatam, of mountains thousands of miles high and oceans hundreds of thousands of miles wide. Even though the planet earth was bigger in other yugas, these sizes can’t be accomodated here.

About contents, this is also correct. There are things that can’t be perceived in this dimension. You may remember that just few days ago in Santo Domingo I mentioned the two inauspicious planets Rahu and Ketu which, although quite big and not so far from us, we can’t see. There are innumerable examples that could be made.


  • Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)

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