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#Gauramukha A disciple of sage Samika. It was Samika’s son Srngi, who cursed Pariksit to death by snake-bite. Sringi cursed that Pariksit, who had thrown a dead snake on the neck of his father while in … Read More


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The word #dharma is certainly complex to explain in a few words, so we will return on it. For now, we translate it as “the rules of fair conduct”. From the Maha-bharata, Adi Parva     … Read More

Aparadha, meaning

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अपराध m. aparAdha guilt   अपराध m. aparAdha offence   अपराध m. aparAdha crime   अपराधं करोति verb 8 aparAdhaM karoti { kR } offend   एषः भवतः अपराधः न sent. eSaH bhavataH aparAdhaH na It … Read More

Avventure di Krishna bambino

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Poco tempo dopo la cerimonia del compleanno di Krishna, un giorno che Yasodamata teneva suo figlio sulle ginocchia e Lo accarezzava, d’un tratto Lo sentì così pesante che fu costretta, suo malgrado, a deporLo a terra. … Read More

What is Vaishnava Aparadha?

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Srila Prabhupada writes in the Nectar of Devotion (Chapter 18), “If it is seen that a person has developed a high standard of devotion without having undergone even the regulative principles, it is to be understood … Read More

2 recetas Paratha y Aloo paratha

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    Paratha Hojuelas de harina integral   Las parathas son muy alimenticias. Suelen ser ligeramente hojaldra. En el proceso de elabotración se untan con ghi o mantequilla varias veces. Sírvalas con estofado de verduras, yogur … Read More

Committing offences to Vaishnavas

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There are three types of devotees. The kanishta – they are sometimes quarreling. The madhyamas – they are friendly to each other and merciful to kanishtas and other people. And the uttamas – the completely pure … Read More


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Krisa was a friend of Srngi. Since Krsa underwent a lot of sacrifices for the protection of dharma (righteousness) his body became very Krsa (lean) Hence he was called Krsa. It was Krsa, who told Srngi … Read More

Sringi (Shringi)

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  The young sage, son of Samika Rishi, who cursed Pariksit. He was also known as #Gavijata.     The Rishi had a son, born of a cow, named Sringi. He was greatly renowned, exceedingly powerful … Read More

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