Shrivatsa: what is it?

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    Shrivatsa (Sanskrit श्रीवत्स śrīvatsa) is an ancient symbol considered auspicious in Indian religious traditions. Srivatsa means “beloved of Sri”, the goddess Lakshmi. It is a mark on the chest of Vishnu where his consort … Read More

Lavana, a demon

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#Lavana lived in the island of Ramaniyaka. He had come to the island long before the serpents came to that place. The serpents saw him when they went there to live. (Maha-bharata, Sloka 2, Chapter 27, … Read More

Ramanaka (Ramaniyaka)

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An island near Dvaraka where, according to Chapter 38 of the Southern Text of Bharata, there was a forest. It was in this island that Vinata, mother of Garuda and Kadru, mother of the nagas lived. … Read More

Vasudeva in persona

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        Kalayavana non aveva mai visto Krishna prima di allora, e scorgendoLo mentre usciva dalla città rimase sbalordito dalla Sua bellezza eccezionale, resa ancor più straordinaria dai Suoi abiti gialli. Passando attraverso le … Read More


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  There are three Namucis in Puranic literature. The first was a son of Kasyapa and Danu. He was treacherously killed by Indra. The second and third were valiant captain of Hiranyaksa and both killed in … Read More


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  Chapter 23 – The Slaying of the Demon Bala The sages said: 1-2. O you best among speakers, you have told us this wonderful, meritorious, excellent tale, bringing about glory, and destroying all sins. Please … Read More


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  Aruna is one of the sons of Kasyapa by Vinata. Kasyapa, son of Brahma, married Vinata and Kadru, and being so much pleased by their services he gave them boons. Kadru got the boon to … Read More

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