Sri Vamanadeva

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Tra qualche giorno si festeggia  l’apparizione di Sri Vamanadeva, l’avatara nano: breve riassunto della storia. Molto tempo fa Bali, uno dei quindici giudici degli inferi, riuscì ad ottenere da Brahma la sovranità sui tre mondi, Cielo, Terra … Read More

Asvini Kumara

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#Asvini Kumara Satya and Dasra, the two sons of Surya are called #Asvini Kumaras. (Maha-bharata slokas 17 and 18, Chapter 150, Anusasana Parva). They are also known as Asvins, and Asvinidevas. These two are the physicians … Read More


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Dhaumya said, “As you have opened the water-course in getting from the ditch, you shall be henceforth known as Uddalaka as a mark of your action. Blessed be you. (p.49) It is stated in Mahabharata, Sabha … Read More

Recipe. Simple spicy Chickpea Hummus

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Simple Spicy Chickpea Hummus Description This is such a tasty and satisfying snack that you can put together in minutes! Ingredients     •    3 cups of cooked chickpeas     •    1/2 cup cooking water from the … Read More

La serpiente Kaliya.

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    A veces, Krishna llevaba a las vacas a pastar a lo largo del Yamuna en compañía de Sus amigos, a veces Balarama también las acompañaba. Poco a poco llegó el verano, y un día … Read More


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An Aksauhini An aksauhini is a whole army consisting of 109,350 foot soldiers, 65,610 horses, 21,870 chariots 21,870 elephants (Maha-bharata Adi Parva, Sangraha) Larger answer from Suta Gosvami “The Rishis said, ‘We have a desire to … Read More


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The Pashupatastra, the weapon of Pasupati or Siva is an irresistible and most destructive personal weapon of Siva, Kali and Adi Para Sakti, which can be discharged by the mind, the eyes, words, or a bow. … Read More


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#Gandhara A stretch of land of ancient Bharata. It is believed that this land stretched from the shores of river Sindhu to Kabul. #Subala was a mighty ruler of this country. His daughter Gandhari was the … Read More


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Dhritarastra was born blind and for this reason he could not carry out the duties of a King. Thus Pandu, his younger brother, acted as king. Yudhisthira was born before Duryodhana and thus he lost his … Read More

Ganesha or Ganapati

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A son of Siva with a head like that of an elephant. As Siva has appointed this son as chief of the ganas (attendants) he is called Ganapati. His birth: while Siva and Parvati assumed the … Read More

Kavya and Kavi

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I know; you have revealed in the language of truth the divine words, even from the first of them. You have called your present work, a poem; Therefore it would be called a Kavyam? 72   … Read More

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