Why We Should Not Sing the Maha Mantra After Singing to Lord Nrsimha

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Why should we refrain from singing the Maha Mantra after singing to Lord Nrsimha?




In some temples you hear that devotees mix songs that have nothing to do one with the others in terms of rasa and also do some kind of “wild mixing” of Mantras.

Like for instance, chanting Narasimha Pranama after Gaura Nitai Ki Jay and things like that.


Chanting is, or it should be meditation. Imagine if one is meditating on Narasimha-lila while chanting the mantras, and suddenly, he is awakened in another pastime that has nothing to do with the previous one.

This is called rasabhasa, a disturbance.


It’s like being awakened in the morning with a sweet shenai, and suddenly a devotee comes into your room beating the mridanga and chanting with a loud voice. There is nothing wrong in beating the mridanga, screaming “Haribol” and dancing; we should all do that, it has to be done at the right time

If one is in a type of meditation, you should not disturb him.


Of course, if the devotees are not into any kind of meditation, if they are just singing, then anything goes. We can chant Hare Krishna, then Narasimha Pranama, then Radhe Radhe, then Haribol, then Hare krishna, then back to Narasimha again, etc.


In my mind, this is a mess, but if there is no meditation going on, they are all holy names, and it’s all right.


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