How to grow your Bhakti Lata

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It was Srila Prabhupada’s Centenial year (1896-1996) and many of the God-family had arrived. Many of those I did service with back in days of the Hare Krishna Movement (with Srila Prabhupada) were there, and the atmosphere was filled with loving nostalgia. A reunion to celebrate our beloved Gurudeva’s 100 year appearance anniversary.


I came into the company of a resident Godbrother who had the facilities of a big temple that could accommodate big art projects which at this time paintings and sculpture work was being done for the upcoming opening of the Delhi temple.


My G-bro gave me the service of managing over the temple as the artisans were doing their seva.


One day as I was in Mathura doing some temple shopping, Krishna changed my life. I returned to the temple to find I was kicked out. Never did find out why exactly. Now, with no home, no money, no welcome in my Gurudeva’s Krishna Balaram Temple, 12000 miles away from where I called home and with my Dallas G-bro already gone back to America I found my self of what looked like a major problem!

Krishna was setting me up for a change in consciousness!


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