Why Krishna had thousand of wives?


Why Krishna had thousand of wives?



To understand this and other similar points we have to understand how is the spiritual world, how the Supreme Personality of Godhead lives and thinks. Once we hear it from the greates authorities, like Guru, Sastra and Sadhu, we get an amazing picture, something we never heard from our religions of birth or that never could think.

What we learn is so wonderful that sometimes we have hard time to understand it, even in front of such a “simple complexity”.

We have heard that God is an eye in a triangle, or that he is a fully muscled old man with a thunderbolt in his hand or that he will hurl you down in eternal hell if you sin, and things like that.
Any intelligent man would reject that God can be that way.

The picture that we get from Guru, Sastra, Sadhu is that of an eternal joyful and playful Person, of an eternal abode made of cintamani stone, where there are so many sporting places in which He enjoys in the company of Radharani, Gopis and Gopas.

vrindavana ramya-sthana divya-cintamani-dhama ratana-mandira manohara
avrta kalindi-nire raja-hamsa keli kore tahe sobhe kanaka-kamala
tara madhye hema-pitha asta-dale vestita asta-dale pradhana nayika
tara madhye ratnasane bosi’ achen dui-jane syama-sange sundari radhika
o-rupa-lavanya-rasi amiya poriche khasi’ hasya-parihasa-sambhasane
narottama-dasa koy nitya-lila sukha-moy sadai sphuruka mora mane

Beautiful Vrndavana is filled with cintamani gems and many jewelled palaces and temples.
Many regal swans play in the waters of the Yamuna, and in those waters a splendid golden lotus flower grows.
In the middle of that lotus is a golden place surrounded by eight petals.
On these eight petals the eight principal gopis reside, and in the center Lord Syamasundara and beautiful Srimati Radharani sit on a jewelled throne.
The great beauty of the Divine Couple,
and Their charming joking and laughter
appears to be constantly showering nectar everywhere.
Narottama dasa says:
I pray that these blissful eternal transcendental pastimes of the Divine Couple
may be always manifest in my heart.

This is one of the many descriptions of the spiritual world. It’s not emotional poetry. It’s a description of a real existing world.

In this place where everything is a play, in His exuberance He invents new games. He is almighty and doesn’t use it to electrocute people with His lightning. He uses His powers for spiritual enjoyments.
He can do anything He wants. If he finds to be transcendentally amusing to free 16,100 princesses and after having to marry them, He can do it.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
29 Jul 2019

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