Why Are You Not Leaving This Virtuous Girl?


Vrinda-Devi and Her parrots


Rādhā-Mādhava plunged in the ocean of ecstatic love. The joyous sakhīs, intoxicated from drinking the sweetness of the early morning pastimes, had completely forgotten their assigned tasks. Vṛndā found Rādhā-Govinda submerged in the ocean of sweet pastimes. Their sakhīs were blinded by the madness of prema. Apprehensive of the coming sunrise, Vṛndā hinted a command to one of her sārikās[1].

The female parrot named Śubhā spoke in a clever way in order to stir Rādhā to wakefulness. She wanted to protect Rādhā from the fear of Her husband and to prevent Her from being ridiculed by the villagers and embarrassed before Her elders.

The parrot said,

“O lotus-eyed friend! Your mother-in- law will soon rise from bed and call into Your bedroom: ‘Rādhe! Your husband and the servants are coming from the cowsheds carrying lots of milk. Quickly rise and perform vastu worship in the house.’ O sakhī! Before Jaṭilā says this, please leave the kuñja and secretly return to Your bedroom.”

The sārikā addressed Krishna,

“O Krishna! The heart of Rādhā’s mother-in-law is filled with doubts and suspicion about Rādhā’s character. Her husband Abhimanyu lives up to his name, which means “always angry,” by speaking roughly and always finding fault. Rādhā’s dull sister-in-law is always grouchy and uselessly defames Her. The night has ended, so why are You not leaving this virtuous girl?”

The parrot’s words acted like the Mandara Mountain to churn the milk ocean of Rādhā’s heart. Rādhā felt disturbed, so Her eyes moved like restless fish. Rādhā, saddened by the thought of leaving Krishna, finally rose from bed. Krishna relished the sight of Rādhā’s frightened, restless eyes and gorgeous face. Śyāma inadvertently picked up Rādhā’s fine blue scarf and quickly rose from the bed. Rādhā- Govinda, their hearts palpitating in fear, held hands and wore each other ’s clothing as they left the kuñja. Krishna held Kiśorī’s right hand in His left hand and His flute in His right. A dark monsoon cloud appeared to be embracing a flash of lightning

[1] Female parrots


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