Rādhā’s lamentation and sleeping

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Rādhā sighed,

“O Lalitā! You made Me believe that I would meet Krishna and submerge in the nectar ocean of His loving embrace. Enticing Me, You took Me from My house and immediately brought Me back. O sakhī! What fault have I made that has denied Me the ocean of nectar?

“O sakhī! The sun just set in the western sky and now it is ascending the eastern mountain. Was the previous night just an illusion like a flower in the sky? O sakhī! My eyes, ears and tongue burn with the fever of intense longing. But curses on them a hundred times! Today they did not let Me drink a drop of the nectar of Krishna’s sweet form, voice or lips.”

Lalitā replied,

“O Rādhā! Last night, Your union with Krishna made You study the protocols of nirveda[1]. Now, separation from Krishna is making You study the protocols of nirveda[2]. Union with Acyuta made You taste the sweetness of His words, lips and form. But separation tortures You like a deadly poison.”

In the rapture of love, Vṛṣabhānunandini failed to grasp Lalitā’s words. Rādhikā, hoping to see Her cherished lord in a dream, lay down and fell asleep[3].

A sakhī, who was not present during Rādhā-Mādhava’s waking pastimes, said to another,

“Look sakhī! Rādhikā has returned from the nikuñja and secretly slipped into Her sleeping chamber. The blue cloth on Her head repeatedly slips off and She wearily replaces it. Her clothes and ornaments are disarrayed due to love sports. Rādhā’s tired eyes glance hither and thither while She weakly tries to retie Her loosened braid[4].”

During every yuga, the Ādi-puruṣa manifests, maintains and annihilates the universes. He then enters His abode and sleeps on the bed of Ananta. At that time, the personified śrutis, who expand the Lord’s pastimes, enter unseen into His transcendental body.

Similarly, after performing His kuñja- līlā, Krishna returned home and lay down in bed. The sakhīs, who expertly nourish Rādhā-Mādhava’s pastimes with their beauty, wit and other good qualities, secretly entered their own houses[5].

[1] Violating the rules of the scriptures

[2] Despair

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[5] Govinda- līlāmṛta 1.116


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