What is yukta-vairagya?

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What is yukta-vairagya?


There are two types of bees: bumblebees, who collect nectar from flowers but do not make honey, and honeybees, who manufacture honey in the beehive. The greedy honeybee eventually collects so much honey that it is trapped in it’s hive. Similarly, a materialistic person becomes trapped under the burden of unnecessary material accumulation.

However, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura points out that for the purpose of spreading Krishna consciousness one may accumulate an unlimited amount of material opulence. This is called yukta-vairagya, or using everything in the service of Krishna.

One who has given his life to Krishna may collect unlimitedly on Lord Krishna’s behalf. In fact, without acquiring material opulence, how is it possible to spread the Krishna consciousness movement all over the world? But if one tries to personally enjoy the funds or facilities acquired for the missionary activities of the Krishna consciousness movement, he commits the greatest offense. Therefore, even in the name of Lord Krishna, one should collect only what he can immediately engage in practical devotional service; otherwise one will fall down to the platform of ordinary greediness. (SB 11.8.12 P)


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