Something about the form of Govardhana

As you can see from the images taken from the satelite, Govardhana has a form of a peacock. This is what Sastras have always said even without the help of a satelite.

As a result of a curse, Govardhana is sinking down below the surface in the measure of a mustard seed every day. Our future generations will not have the opportunity to see not even the partial part of Giri Govardhana that we can see.

Around Govardhana there are four towns: Radhakunda town on His north, Govardhana town in the center, Jatipura on the south-western side and Aniyora on the south-eastern side.

According to some, the exact point where Sri Krishna lifted Govardhana is in Jatipura, the town of Madhavendra Puri (this is why it is called Jatipura, or Yatipura).
According to others that point is closer to Govinda Kunda.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
21 september 2019



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