What is the Mystery of This Situation?

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He thought,

“It was arranged by Krishna, and even I could not check its mystic power.”

Thus Balarāma understood that all those boys and calves were only expansions of Krishna.

Balarāma inquired from Krishna about the actual situation.

He said,

“My dear Krishna, in the beginning I thought that all these calves and cowherd boys were either great sages and saintly persons or demigods, but at present it appears that they are actually Your expansions. They are all You; You Yourself are playing as the calves and boys. What is the mystery of this situation? Where have those other calves and boys gone? And why are You expanding Yourself as the calves and boys? Will You kindly tell Me what is the cause?”

At the request of Balarāma, Krishna briefly explained the whole situation: how the calves and boys had been stolen by Brahmā and how Krishna was concealing the incident by expanding Himself so people would not know that the original calves and boys were missing.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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