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Dhaumya said,
“As you have opened the water-course in getting from the ditch, you shall be henceforth known as Uddalaka as a mark of your action. Blessed be you. (p.49)

It is stated in Mahabharata, Sabha Parva, Chapter 7, verse 12 that #Uddalaka was a prominent figure in the court of Indra.
He had a son called Svetaketu and a daughter called Sujata. He gave his daughter Sujata in marriage to his favourite disciple Kahodaka. The hermit #Astavakra was their son.
More about Astavakra it is found in the Maha-bharata Vana Parva, Chapter 132.

Once Uddalaka caused the river Sarasvati to appear at the place of sacrifce. From that day onwards #Sarasvati got the name `Manorama’ because when the thought came to his mind (manas) the river made its appearance.
(Maha-bharata Salya Parva, Chapter 33).

It is mentioned in Mahabharata, Santi Parva, Chapter 57, Stanza 10, that Uddalaka expelled his son #Svetaketu from the house because he was a hater of Brahmana.



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