Asvini Kumara

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#Asvini Kumara
Satya and Dasra, the two sons of Surya are called #Asvini Kumaras.
(Maha-bharata slokas 17 and 18, Chapter 150, Anusasana Parva).
They are also known as Asvins, and Asvinidevas. These two are the physicians of the devas.
(Maha-bharata sloka 12, Chapter 123, Aranya Parva).


Visnu, Brahma, Marici, Kasyapa, Vivasvan, Asvini Kumaras.
The Visnu Purana describes the birth thus:
“Samjna, daughter of Visvakarma, was the wife of Surya. She got three children: Manu, Yama and Yami. Once finding the effulgence of Surya unbearable she engaged Chaya to look after Surya and left for the forests to do penance there. Surya took Chaya to be Samjna and got three children of her: Sanaiscara, Manu and Tapati.
Once Chaya got angry and cursed Yama. It was then that Surya and Yama came to know that she was not Samjna, getting more details from Chaya, Surya found out by his Jnanadristi (a power of sight developed by Yoga by which one could see things far beyond the limits of his vision) that Samjna was practising austerities taking the form of a mare.
Then Surya went to her disguised as a horse and with her co-operation produced three children of which the first two became known as Asvini Kumaras. The third son was called Revanta. Then Surya took Samjna to his place (Chapter 2, Amsa 3, Visnu Purana).
The Asvinikumaras were born from the nose of Samjna.
(Maha-bharata sloka 35 of Chapter 66 of Adi Parva.)




#Asvini Kumara.   #Ashvini Kumara

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