The responsibility of Manjughosa


Manjughosha remains 57 years, 9 months and 3 days with Medhavi. She asks the wise man to let her go and he does not leave her. However when he discovers what has happened he curses her. Why did Medhavi blame her and not take responsibility for his own actions?



Apsaras are intelligent like Devas, highly advanced and cultured living beings.
A less intelligent person, for instance a child, may be somewhat excused if he does something wrong because he doesn’t have the intelligence to determine what is right and what is wrong. Apsaras are definitely not this type of beings.

Manjughosa knew perfectly who Medhavi was and what the consequences of disturbing him were. That’s why she went residing far from him because she knew her beauty could have disturbed the Rishi.
This is an important teaching for our lady devotees, that should dress modestly to do not disturb men who want to go for renunciation. We sometimes see ladies dress themselves in a totally unacceptable manner.

The truth of the story is that it was not Medhavi who went looking for her. Manjughosa went after him.
Then she first disturbed the Rishi, then makes him fall down, after makes him depending on her presence and beauty and finally abandon him. It’s a disgraceful behaviour.

Therefore Manjughosa was the first responsible of what happened and she was rightly cursed to become an evil spirit.
Medhavi also paid for his weakness but not for having wanted it in the first place.



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