The fate of the Apsara was inevitable?

Manjughosha (out of respect and fear of the sage) decided to go dancing two miles away from Medhavi. However, although she took precautions, she later became the instrument Cupid used to confuse the sage. Is it because of his karma? Was this fate inevitable for Manjughosha?


Just like a dynamic man will act, an intelligent man will reason and a greedy man will accumulate wealth, Apsaras like to use their beauty and confuse men. It’s their nature.
But sometimes their comeliness becomes an instrument used by others, like in the case of Kamadeva, many other cases in Sastra and also in the history of mankind.

Apsara are heavenly beings, not certainly demons, so they naturally respect sages. But they also fear them because they can be cursed for having distracted the renunciants in their much higher purpose in life than frivolous pleasures.
But their nature pushes them to do it anyway, like the story of the scorpion and the crocodile, and at the end they will receive the deserved.

So if an action is inevitable, the results are also inevitable.



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