Ten different types of Citra-jalpa

Here Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura discusses the various “citra-jalpa”, or mad talks, from the spiritual point of view.

To know these from the material point of view it’s enough to remove Krishna from the equation.


Citra-jalpa, various mad talks
Jaiva Dharma that there are 10 types of citra-jalpa, which are:

1 prajalpa,
When the lover spitefully, maliciously, and passionately insults the beloved, that is called ‘prajalpa’.

2 parijapita,
When the lover claims that the beloved, who is the master of her heart, is merciless, crooked, and fickle is called ‘parijalpita.”

3 vijalpa,
When in the heart one honours and loves Krsna, although externally one casts spiteful glances and speaks spiteful words, is called ‘vijalpa’.

4 ujjalpa,
When the lover angrily, arrogantly and spitefully insults Krsna, calling Him a rake and a rogue that is called ‘ujjalpa’.

5 sanjalpa,
When the lover mocks Krsna with many sarcastic words and asserts that Krsna is ungrateful, that is called ‘sanjalpa’.

6 avajalpa,
When the lover says that because Krsna is harsh, lusty and crooked, she is afraid of what loving Krsna may bring, that is called ‘avajalpa’.

7 abhijalpa,
When the lover says, “It is foolish and useless to fall in love with Krsna. He is so cruel he tortures even the innocent birds.” These crooked words are called ‘abhijalpa’.

8 ajalpa,
When the lover, filled with disgust, declares, “Krsna is crooked and deceptive. He only gives us pain. We should stop talking of Him, and instead talk about something else, something more pleasant.” That is called ajalpa.

9 pratijalpa, and
When the lover declares, “Krsna is a highwayman in loving affairs. He is a rake who likes to enjoy pastimes with many girls. Therefore he should not come anywhere near me.” That is called ‘pratijalpa’.

10 sujalpa.
When the lover sincerely, deeply, humbly, and restlessly asks many questions about Krsna, that is called ‘sujalpa’.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)


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