Sri Rangadevi Cleverly Speaks in an Indirect Way

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Sri Rangadevi


Rangadevi, who is always maddened by pride, is the personification of the waves of bodily gestures[1]. She cleverly speaks in an indirect way. What is more, she is eager to joke and act playfully with Radharani in the very presence of Krishna.

Rangadevi is expert in asana, the fourth of the six expedients, and her logic is excellent. As a result of her austerities, she received a mantra to attract Sri Krishna.

Rangadevi is the supervisor of the eight sakhis, headed by Kalakanthi, who are responsible for such services as painting flower decorations with fragrant substances, such as candana on the body.

She is also the leader of the sakhis and maidservants who offer incense, of those who burn the fire in the cold season and fan with camara during the warm season, and of those sakhis and maidservants who watch over the animals in the jungle, such as lions and deer.


[1] Hava, bhava and ingita


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